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Baez Law secured a quarter of a million dollars for a client who was T-boned by a distracted lawyer. The defendant lawyer blamed our client for the crash, but our legal team discovered key evidence that proved the lawyer’s gross wrongdoing.


Baez Law represented a truck-driver who was injured when his 18-wheeler was rear-ended by a company vehicle. The Defendant company immediately destroyed dash-camera footage of the crash, but our forensic experts were able to reconstruct the scene to win the case.


Baez Law proudly won the case of a Hispanic family who was injured when an 18-wheeler sideswiped their car on a busy Dallas highway.


Baez Law secured a six-figure settlement for an elderly client who crashed when an oil and gas crew failed to yield the right of way and caused a T-bone collision. The oil and gas company denied all liability, but was ultimately obligated to compensate our client for his injuries.


Baez Law helped a young college student who was injured when a drunk driver ran a red light and fled the scene.


Baez Law helped a Dallas truck driver who was injured when a construction crew dropped a metal object onto our client’s truck and caused broken glass to fall into his left eye.


Baez Law represented a client who was rear-ended by a 16-year old employee of a large commercial bakery. The Defendant Company proved to hire inexperienced drivers and obligate them to endure long shift hours of extended driving in order to make more profit.


Baez Law assisted a young couple from Mexico who were hit by a cement truck at a local gasoline station. The Defendant Cement Company denied allliability, but at depositions proved to be poorly trained and wrongfully managed.


Baez Law helped an Hidalgo County resident when he was t-boned at an intersection. The Defendant claimed that he had a protected green arrow, while our client was confident that he had the green light.


Baez Law represented a truck driver from Dallas when his 18-wheeler was side-swiped by another 18-wheeler on the highway. Not only was liability initially denied by the other truck driver’s insurance, but our client was even sued by the truck driver at fault. Baez Law immediately counter-sued and compelled the opposing driver to admit his […]

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