We Are Here For You,
In Your Worst Times

All attorney consultations are by appointment only so our team can travel to meet new clients, collect time-sensitive evidence, and personally be with you when you need it most.



General Questions

We do not charge our clients any out-of-pocket costs. We make the people or companies at fault pay for all the attorney’s fees, so you don’t have to.

We work on 3 things for our clients after every accident:

1. Repair Damaged Property.
2. Receive Medical Attention.
3. Get Compensation.

From the beginning, we help our clients receive high quality medical attention to treat their injuries. At the same time, we work with appraisers to evaluate and repair their damaged property, like cars or trucks. Most importantly, we demand compensation from insurance companies for the pain and suffering caused to our clients.

We are always available to assist our clients. If you need a free consultation, you can call or text (956) 346-8778, or you can contact us through social media @BaezLaw.

Our law firm does not charge for consultations, and all questions are private and confidential.

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