Practice Areas

What We Offer

Our firm has a history of success in various types of personal injury cases.

We focus on helping victims with serious damages and life-changing injuries.

18 Wheeler Crashes

Holding all trucking companies accountable by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations to compensate our clients.

Car Accident

Helping families recover their vehicles and their health after a car crash accident.

Commercial Vehicles

Proving that commercial drivers have a higher standard so our clients can receive a higher compensation.

Workplace Injuries

Using the national industry standards to expose corporate wrongdoing and demand necessary safety changes.

Wrongful Death

Recovering compensation for the families of victims who have paid the ultimate price.

Explosions and Fires

Proving the gross negligence that caused fires and helping burned clients recover from their injuries.

Offshore Injuries

Working for seamen and their families in Jones Act or Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act injuries.

Oil & Gas Accidents

Helping workers in one of the most dangerous industries recover compensation owed by corporate negligence.

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